See Niagara Falls Dry tour

Niagara Dry

Photo Credit NYSOPRHP

I have heard no updates on this project but it has to be done sooner or later as the bridges need to be replaced.  I suspect the virus has something to do with the delays.  I will update this page whenever there is new news.

This will be a once in a lifetime tour, a chance to see Niagara Falls Dry.  This has only happened once before that I can remember in 1969 when they shut the falls off after part of Luna Island sheared off and fell into the Niagara River.  In an attempt to make sure that more of the escarpment was not about to fall as well they diverted the water from the American Falls into the Canadian Falls.  They had also planned to try and clean up some of the rocks piled up at the base of the American Falls, but when they saw just how big they were they left them alone.  Shirley and I saw it then and we are looking forward to our second once in a lifetime view of this magnificent event.  Please note that this will likely be at least two years away, but it is never too early get interested.
If you would be interested in this tour, let us know and we will add you to an interested list.  This list would be used to keep you informed of the development of this tour, and would not be a commitment on your part.