Nov 16 Tuesday Taneytown MD “Progressive Dine Around” Tour 2862


Westminster MD…Johanssons Dining House of Carroll County offers casual and fine dining as well as offering on and off-site catering. Their English Style Tavern, which is home to Westminster Maryland’s original brewing company, serves several of our their brews including Hoodle Head Pale Ale, Whistle Stop Amber, and Honest Ale.  We will make our first stop after we pick up the tour guide, on this dine-around tour for soup or salad.

On our way to Tanytown we will  make a drive tour of Uniontown Historic District, Carroll County, MD. The district comprises nearly the entirety of Uniontown and contains a remarkably cohesive and well-preserved collection of houses, commercial buildings, churches, and schools reflecting the development of this agricultural village from the turn of the 19th century through the 1930’s. It is an example of a linear townscape typical of small settlements in rural north-central Maryland during the 19th century.

Taneytown MD…Antrim 1844’s Smokehouse Restaurant 

This   where we make a stop to enjoy our main entrée for lunch. Experience World Class Dining at Antrim 1844’s Smokehouse Restaurant. For over two decades, Antrim 1844’s Smokehouse Restaurant has maintained its legacy as a culinary destination with exquisite ingredient-driven cuisine. Enhanced by the skillful techniques of their executive chef, the menu highlights the finest and freshest ingredients through a sophisticated interpretation of Contemporary American cuisine to the delight of novice epicureans and gourmands alike. A driving tour of Antrim will follow.

You will visit an 1850’s farmhouse and learn how families live way back when.  Stroll through  a 1700’s barn built with no nails, and explore the antique farm machinery.  You can even ring the Doff barn dinner bell. Lots to see and do here while learning about farming way back then.

Winchester MD…The Kate Pearl Tea Room…where we will enjoy our dessert and tea, before starting for home. They are so pleased that we plan to “take tea” with then. They hope that you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surroundings, and the delectable tea service you have chosen. When you step through the doors, you somehow experience the simplicity of an older era. It feels like, for a brief afternoon, you have stepped back in time. The food, the tea and the service is delightfully perfect! We’ll save time to browse through their gift shop located on the second floor of the inn.

We’ll drop our tour guide off then start for home with a rest stop along the way.

Meal Selection Required, Make a selection when you book.
• Breast of Chicken
• Pan Roasted Alaskan Salmon
• Seasonal Vegetarian Risotto


• Executive 5:45 am rt 8:45 pm
• Limestone 7:00 am rt 7:45 pm

Cost $ 129