Jul 21 Big & Little Trains Kempton PA Tour # 2869

Roadside America

Shartlesville PA…where there is a 6,000 square foot miniature world created by one man through the duration of his life. While the display does feature over 2,250 feet of model railroad track, to call it a model train display on steroids is an understatement.an unforgettable panorama of life in rural United States. The exhibit spans more than two hundred years in time and lets you see, in exquisite miniature, how people lived and worked in pioneer days – through the years since then – right up to the present.

In newspapers and magazines, Roadside America has been acclaimed as the greatest known miniature village – the most unique and detailed masterpiece of its kind in the world. Actually, it is not one village, but many, and the American countryside is seen as it might be seen by a giant so huge that he could see from coast to coast.

Shartlesville PA...Blue Mountain Restaurant….will be our next stop for lunch at a good old fashion restaurant, where you can still get great food, friendly service and quiet atmosphere.

Kempton PA…The Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad…is a small tourist railroad located in the northern tip of Berks County, Pennsylvania. The railroad runs on three and a half miles of track that were once part of the Schuylkill & Lehigh branch of the Reading Company system. The Reading Company was known as a mighty coal hauler, but the S&L was a rural agricultural branch sometimes called the “Slow & Lonesome.” The branch was perhaps best known for the “Berksy,” a local passenger train that carried students to and from the only area high school at Slatington.

Although not very big, the WK&S is largely unmatched in terms of authenticity and scenic diversity. Passengers are treated to rolling farm fields including an orchard and often a pumpkin patch. There are forests, fills, cuts, tree covered hills, a bridge over scenic Ontelaunee creek and the two old-time towns of Trexler and Wanamakers. Passengers even get a good view of their own train thanks to some sharp curves along the line. Due to a rural somewhat isolated location, things haven’t changed much over the last hundred years


Limestone Church 7:45 am rt 6 pm

Skyline Pool 9 am rt 4:45 pm