Apr 22-24 Bethany Beach “Ships, Planes and Beaches” Tour # 2865

Bethany Beach Ocean Suites

Will be our home for this tour, with breakfast each morning.

This will be a hub & spoke tour with one hotel for the entire tour.

DELAWARE STATE POLICE MUSEUM…From a small group of motorcycle highway patrolmen, the Delaware State Police has evolved into a comprehensive, full service law enforcement agency of over 600 troopers. Since its inception in 1923, the Delaware State Police has enjoyed a longstanding tradition of providing the citizens of Delaware with excellent police protection and service. Preparing for and understanding the future changes facing law enforcement can sometimes be best accomplished by studying one’s past history and milestones. The Delaware State Police Museum and Education Center, Inc. has been designed with just that thought in mind. Through studying and understanding our past, the Delaware State Police hope to provide the citizens and visitors of the First State with the history of how the State Police have been able to faithfully protect and serve the State of Delaware in an exemplary fashion for over 80 years.

DOVER DE…AIR MOBILITY COMMAND MUSEUM…This not your normal museum, but rather a show case of the US Air Force flying machines, most if not all open for inspection. The museum houses over 30 aircraft varying in roles and sizes. Cargo haulers, fighters, helicopters, a presidential aircraft, and even a bomber and one of the original Air Force One aircraft; the museum has a little bit of everything! You are able to board most of the aircraft and tour through out the aircraft. You will be amazed at the amazing size of some of these aircraft, and wonder how they could ever get off the ground. Flash photography is allowed and encouraged. There is a very well stocked gift shop with lots of memorabilia of all kinds. A great selection of pictures and washrooms are available.


FENWICK ISLAND…DISCOVERSEA SHIPWRECK MUSEUM…DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum was founded with the goal of recovering and preserving our maritime heritage. The shipwreck museum opened in July of 1995 and is the product of years of research and hard work. The museum does not receive state or federal grants and is funded only by the owner contributions and public donations.

Smyrna Diner…Great food, Great Service, Great Value…as most of you are aware I usually check with the CVB’ when planning a tour and this restaurant was highly recommended by Tina at the Delaware Economic Development Office. We will have lunch, here where there is lots of room. (Oyo).

There will be two other dinners included one at the Bethany Blues Restaurant, and the Ropewalk restaurant both in Bethany Beach.

As  an added optional attraction The Ocean Downs Casino where you will have $50 SD each night to try your luck.

DELAWARE CITY, DE…Fort Delaware…Upon our arrival here we will board a boat for the short ride out to Pea Patch Island and the Fort. We will learn how the Island got its name and also why the fort is sometimes called the “Andersonville” of the North. You will have time to explore the fort and see the interpretive center as well, before we board the tram to the dock and the ferry back to Delaware City. You must be on the tram on time, it will not wait for you. Bathrooms are available at the boat dock, on the Delaware City side before and after the ferry ride. We will have time for an ice cream stop.


  • Lancaster 8:30 am rt 6:45 pm
  • Wilmington 10 am rt 5:15 pm


Doubles ..$399