Oct 23 The Everly Brothers Tribute by the Amed Brothers. Tour # 2638*

The Everly Brothers Experience Show

A great impersonation of the real thing.

The Show

The Everly Brothers Tribute…features the Zmed Brothers ( with their backup band The Bird Dogs). Zachary and Dylan Zmed have been developing the pivotal sounds of the Everly Brothers Experience show. They have been greeted with enthusiastic crowds all over the US and overseas in iconic clubs, theatres and preforming arts centers. The Zmeds aim is to honor the aesthetic of their iconic sound an honor their unique place in music history, while telling their own personal story. And they do just that!  Click Here for live preview.

Penn’s Peak…Jim Thorpe PA… is a cozy venue located in Penn Forest Township, PA that can comfortably host 1,800 concert-goers with its spacious dance floor, lofty ceilings, twin bars and restaurant. Complete with a broad open-air deck for summertime enjoyment, Penn’s Peak patrons enjoy a breathtaking overlook of nearby Beltzville Lake, plus a commanding, picturesque 50-mile panoramic view of northeastern Pennsylvania’s Appalachian mountains.  A family style luncheon is included, that is one of the best you will ever enjoy.

Country JunctionCountry Junction, “Worlds Largest General Store” is definitely a little off the beaten path. We make a rest stop here so you can take in this unusual store.  Where else can you buy hardware, browse through lawn and garden supplies, building products, animals and pet supplies, and tour the scenic countryside inside the store ? You can buy everything to build a house and furnish it right down to the pictures on the wall. Some rather interesting attractions are a regular part of this unusual business. Children and adults alike can visit the menagerie for free and even purchase cups of food to feed the animals. A wildlife exhibit houses African and North American animals. Along the way you can shop for lawn & garden, lumber and building products, hardware and carpeting, and tour “Designers Square” to see all the new kitchen and bath displays. Take a break and relax in the Theater & Eatery with a cup of cappuccino.

  • Lancaster – Executive Coach   – 7:30 am – rt 6:45 pm
  • Lancaster – Skyline Pool           – 8:00 am – rt 6:30 pm
  • Ephrata    – Walmart                  –  8:15 am – rt 5:45 pm
  • Reading    – Lowes                      – 8:35 am – rt 5:30 pm