Oct 15 Sun, Oakes PA – “Trains & Treasures” – Tour 2553

A very popular tour

  • The American Treasure Tour
  • The Colebrookdale Railroad
  • The Boyertown Museum of Historical Vehicles 


Boyertown Colebrookdale Railroad offers an hour and forty five minute expedition into the Secret Valley, one of the most scenic and historic regions in the northeast.   Traversing geological formations and lands rich with Native American lore. The Colebrookdale Railroad connects the sites of the earliest iron-making industries in the American colonies, sites once familiar to William Penn and George Washington.  We will be crossing tall timber trestles and rushing mountain creeks on its timeless journey into the past.

American Treasures

Oaks PA, The American Treasure Tour  The American Treasure Tour…is an all indoor massive collection of Americana from antiques to kitsch to pop culture. Two of their major exhibits are mechanical music and classic preserved automobiles. The mechanical music display includes hundreds of machines such as nickelodeons, band organs and music boxes. In addition to seeing the sights you will hear the great sounds of the music of days gone by. Additionally they have a jam packed display of animated store window advertising, dolls, doll houses, model airplanes, circus, patriotic, holiday items and many surprises.

We will ride a tram to experience the vast collection as well as enjoy a seated presentation in the Music Room. It is always a great day at the American Treasure Tour! Come join the fun.

This place will absolutely amaze you. The total experience is divided into three areas: The Vintage Car Collection, The Toy Room & Kaliope Annex, and The Nickelodeon Room. These are world-class collections both in rarity and volume. The effort to maintain all of the musical entertainment in operating condition is a feat unto itself. And remember to keep looking up as you pass through the rooms of the tour in order to capture the advertising signs of bygone eras and the remote controlled airplanes. From ceiling to floor, the enormity of this rare collection leaves visitors overwhelmed and eager to come back again! A buffet lunch is included here.

The Boyertown Museum of Historical Vehicles…houses dozens of automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles that were manufactured right here in Pennsylvania while the industry was still in its infancy. Prior to that time, the region produced multitudes of horse-drawn vehicles, of which many examples can be found at the museum.  In addition to dozens of road vehicles, the Boyertown Museum also has related literature and memorabilia amongst its collections. Two popular examples of roadside architecture: their restored 1938 Fegely’s Reading Diner and a 1921 Sunoco gas station.


American Treasure Tour  –  www.americantreasuretour.com

Boyertown Museum of Historical Vehicles –  www.boyertownmuseum.org

Colebrookdale Railroad –  www.colebrookdalerailroad.com


  • Executive Coach 525 Beaver Valley Rd Lancaster PA 7:30 am rt 7:15 pm
  • Skyline Swimming Pool 245 Eden Rd Lancaster PA 8:00 am rt 7 pm
  • Walmart 890 E Main St Ephrata PA 8:15 am rt 6:45 pm
  • Lowes 2625 Shillington Rd Sinking Spring PA 8:35 am rt 6:30 pm