July 25 Wed, Rainbow’s Comedy Playhouse Tour 2687



“Getting Momma Married”  

A young woman and her husband live under Mom’s roof. When the stork is due to make an arrival, the kids must find their own nest. And what about poor Momma, all alone? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face: find her a fella, and put a ring on it. Filled with laughter, love and fun. Come and help them as they make plans to get Momma married ASAP!


The lunch always includes a salad served to you upon arrival, and four main entrees which can include pasta, seafood and the house favorites: roast beef and stuffed chicken cutlets. On the side they offer several vegetables and potatoes. For dessert they offer a selection of cakes and pies, not to mention hand-dipped ice cream to top off your meal.

The Theatre

Rainbow’s Comedy Playhouse, ( formally the Rainbow Dinner Theatre) is America’s only all Comedy Playhouse Dinner Theatre. Every seat has a great view and of course a delicious lunch is included. The theatre is located at  3065 Lincoln Hwy  Paradise PA.

Arrive  Rainbow’s Comedy Playhouse 11:00

Cost $59  NOTE:  If you attended the show Death at the Garage Sale with us on Feb 21 then this show is free to you.