To read an interesting article about how slot machines are regulated and controlled. Click on the link below. It will debunk how machines are tight one day and loose the next. The casinos really cannot “adjust” the settings, as it is a very tightly regulated industry. You will be surprised at just how regulated they are.

About Casino Regulations

Aug 28-29 Tue-Wed, WV Triple Casino Overnight – Meadows, Mountaineer & Rivers Casinos – Tour # 2617

This is our third time for this overnight triple casino tour.  We reverse the route this time and will start out by going to the Meadows Casino first, then  it’s on to the Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack where we will spend the night right at the casino in the THE GRANDE HOTEL a first class hotel.  The next morning we travel to the Rivers Casino on Pittsburgh PA.

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Nov 29-30 Thu-Fri, NY Triple Casino Overnight – Turning Stone Tioga & Vernon Downs Casinos – Tour # 2620

NY Triple Casino Tour…On this tour we visit three casinos, Tioga Downs, Turning Stone, and Vernon Downs Casinos.  With the changes in the stops we have made your total package for this tour will be $95 SD and $45 in food.  This makes it one of the best overnights yet!  Also many nice changes in the card system at Turning Stone.

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