BALTIMORE MD – Horseshoe Casino

Third Wednesday of each month 

Pick ups in York available +

Jan 18   2541+      Feb 15   2542+      Mar 15   2543+

Apr 19  2543+      May 17  2545+      Jun 21  2546+

July 19 2547+      Aug 19  2548+      Sep 20  2549+

Oct 18   2550+     Nov  15  2551+     Dec  20  2552+

         Each tour includes $25 SD (slot dollars)

BALTIMORE MD…HORSESHOE CASINO…Here you will discover more than 2,200 of the newest, hottest slots, in a variety of denominations from penny games to our $500 slot machine in the High Limit area. Take a stroll through the casino to find your favorite themes and all the latest and greatest slot machines.

The best odds. The highest limits. That’s what Horseshoe is known for, and Horseshoe Baltimore delivers the goods with 154 table games, 100x odds on craps and an exclusive high-limit gaming area. Find your favorite table and remember…Risk is its Own Reward.

If you love the strategy of poker but prefer to play at a faster pace and in your own space, check out Horseshoe Baltimore’s selection of more than 150 video poker machines. Just deal your cards, decide which to keep, draw replacements for the discards and watch the credits pile up.

Pickup Points

Executive Coach –  From Labor Day to Memorial Day – 8:15 am rt 5:30
Executive Coach –  From Memorial Day to Labor Day – 8:00 am rt 5:45
Lancaster PA       –  Skyline Pool From Labor Day to Memorial Day – 8:45 am rt 5 pm
Lancaster PA       –  Overlook Park From Memorial Day to Labor Day – 8:30 am rt 5:15
York PA                –   LCBC 9:00 am – rt 4:30 pm