Nov 29-30 Tue-Wed, NY Triple Casino Overnight – Turning Stone, Tioga Downs & Vernon Downs Casinos Tour # 2419

NY Triple Casino Tour…On this tour we visit three casinos, Tioga Downs, Turning Stone, and Vernon Downs Casinos.  With the changes in the stops we have made your total package for this tour will be $95 SD and $45 in food.  This makes it one of the best overnights yet!  Also many nice changes in the card system at Turning Stone. Read more

See Niagara Falls Dry tour

Niagara Dry

Photo Credit NYSOPRHP

This will be a once in a lifetime tour, a chance to see Niagara Falls Dry.  This has only happened once before that I can remember in 1969 when they shut the falls off after part of Luna Island sheared off and fell into the Niagara River.  In an attempt to make sure that more of the escarpment was not about to fall as well they diverted the water from the American Falls into the Canadian Falls.  They had also planned to try and clean up some of the rocks piled up at the base of the American Falls, but when they saw just how big they were they left them alone.  Shirley and I saw it then and we are looking forward to our second once in a lifetime view of this magnificent event.  Please note that this will likely be at least two years away, but it is never too early get interested.
If you would be interested in this tour, let us know and we will add you to an interested list.  This list would be used to keep you informed of the development of this tour, and would not be a commitment on your part.


Trains and treasures…

We traveled to Boyertown to see a few more sites to make the the trains and treasures tour even better if that’s possible and we decided to add in another stop.  The Boyertown Museum of Historical Vehicles that houses dozens of autos trucks and motorcycles that were all manufactured right here in PA.  They also have a restored 1938 Fegely’s Reading Diner and a 1921 Sunoco gas station.  This is a tour that you will not want to miss for sure!

Sugarhouse Casino

Shirley & I went to the Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia to see what it was like.  First time people get to swipe their new card and pick 5 keys on the screen.  If you get one $ sign you get $25 on your card, two $ signs $30, Three $ $50, Four $ $100, and if you get Five $ signs you win a brand new Mercedes Benz!  I got $25 and Shirley got $30. They have 1600 slots and lots of table games.  Massive construction going on there and parking is scarce and complicated.  Traffic was really bad both going in and out, takes too much time to travel there.  Distance is shorter than Maryland live but time is longer to get there.

Niagara Falls

Shirley and I took a quick trip to Niagara Falls ON too see the ice formation on the Falls.  It is a rare phenomena to see ice freeze all the way up to the top of the falls.  I remember seeing it when I was a teenager (long time ago).  When we heard that it was there again we decided to go and see it.  We first planned to go on Mar 3rd but the weather was terrible with ice and snow.  By putting it off a lot of the ice melted but it was still well worth the effort to go and see it.  We took a lot of pictures and hope to post some of them here as soon as I can get someone to show me how.